When will the science finally catch up to the propaganda?

When will the science finally catch up to the propaganda?

FOX News contributor and conspiracy theorist Richard Cohen has made a name for himself on the far right and is often cited by right-wing media.

In an interview on his show, The Big Picture, Cohen said, “We’re at the beginning of a crisis.

We’re in a state of collapse.

We can’t keep on doing what we’re doing, because the world is collapsing.”

In other words, there is no way to continue doing what you are doing to protect the status quo, which is to create a climate of fear and ignorance to keep the world as it is.

The truth is, the global economy has been doing well for decades and we are not doing as well as we should be.

We have been building a false economy, a false belief system and a false narrative to keep people fearful and ignorant.

We are at the end of a great cycle and this is where it will end.

But if you want to stay on the right track, you must begin to challenge the prevailing paradigm and recognize that reality does not lie, Cohen explained.

“We need to recognize that the system is not working, that we are in crisis.

The system has collapsed,” Cohen said.

“But we must find a new paradigm.

We must accept that the world of the establishment is collapsing and we must recognize that we have to make a choice.”

The problem with a false ideology, Cohen argued, is that it is so deeply entrenched in society that it can never be challenged.

The media is the enemy of truth, Cohen continued.

“You’re going to see a great deal of media that is going to be very hostile to anybody who challenges it.

You’re going be a lot less likely to see people questioning the lies, the propaganda and the ideology that is being put out there.”

The truth, however, is very different.

The world is not a democracy, Cohen concluded.

“The system is so corrupt, so rigged, so inbred, that the people are going to fight back against it.

We know that.

It is a very deep, dark secret that the establishment knows very well.”

Cohen, who is an expert in alternative media and author of several books, has also spoken out against the so-called alt-right, a movement of right-leaning, white nationalists who are upset with multiculturalism, immigrants and other perceived social problems.

The alt-left is also an extremist fringe, but Cohen said he was particularly interested in what he called the “new” alt-Right because it seems to be gaining momentum, even in the U.S. He noted that there are a number of alt-righters in the media.

He called on them to stay away from the mainstream media and instead focus on the alt-Left and the altRight.

Cohen said that the alt Left has been a major force in the 2016 election, including in the White House and in Congress.

He said, Trump was not elected to the White Nationalist Party, but rather the party of the alt Right.

In the past year, the alt Lite Republicans have become more prominent in the Republican Party.

In other ways, Cohen also called for a return to a healthy and inclusive society.

“It is a society that is much more accepting of diversity and people of all kinds,” he said.

Cohen also noted that he believes that the future of the world rests on a “reform” that addresses the growing inequalities in the world.

The fact that our leaders continue to cling to the status of the status-quo means that the country is headed for another crisis, Cohen added.

“What we have is a situation where the status quo is being held up as the norm and we have a crisis of legitimacy that is leading us into another crisis,” Cohen explained, “so we have an opportunity to move from the status and the status is a bubble.”