How to win the GOP primary in Ohio

How to win the GOP primary in Ohio

It’s been a good month for conservatives.

Donald Trump has been the presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. Ted Cruz has gained some momentum with the nomination contest, and Trump has even taken a few shots at Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican who is running for president.

But one of the more interesting Republican contenders to emerge from the GOP primaries is Senator Rand Paul.

He is, of course, running for President, and it is possible that he could become the Republican nominee.

Rand, a Kentucky Republican, has gained attention recently after a video emerged showing him calling for the US to invade Syria in response to the deadly chemical weapons attack in Damascus, Syria.

He has also had a hard time with the media.

He came out against Donald Trump’s candidacy last month, and was criticized by some on the right for his refusal to endorse the real estate mogul in his own primary election.

But in the recent past, Rand has been a consistent supporter of President Trump, and he is one of a handful of conservatives to back the Trump administration.

As the most conservative member of the Senate, Rand is not a fan of the Republican party, but he does have some things going for him.

He comes from a conservative family, and is not afraid to buck convention when it suits him. 

Rand is one Republican who would be the first to call for a war with Syria.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Rand said that he was “totally in favor of” the war.

Rand’s father, Sen, James, was a prominent member of President John F. Kennedy’s administration, and Rand’s mother, Maureen, is the daughter of former President Jimmy Carter.

Rand is also a supporter of the US military.

He said in his interview with the Post that he would be “in favor of military action” if it was necessary to “protect the country.”

His father was a leading advocate for the Vietnam War, and the Rand family has a history of being in support of military interventions abroad. 

While Rand has never advocated for a military action in Syria, he is also not the only Republican to support a military strike against Syria.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), for instance, has also said that the US should strike Syria. 

The other potential GOP candidate for the nomination, former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, has been vocal in his opposition to the Syria attack, saying in a press release that he believes the US needs to “stop trying to get Assad to get out of the country and get out from under the control of Iran.”

In a statement issued earlier this month, Bush also said: “Assad’s conduct has shown he is unwilling to abide by international law.

There is no military solution to the conflict.

We are taking action to end the conflict.” 

As far as who would make the most sense to lead the GOP in a war of choice against Syria, it seems like it would be Rand Paul who would win out.

Paul has been critical of President Donald Trump during the campaign and has been known to get involved in other ways in opposition to him, particularly in the Senate.

He had a lot of criticism for the way the GOP ran the House of Representatives, and his position on Syria and other foreign policy issues have been somewhat inconsistent over the years. 

But there is one aspect of Paul’s foreign policy that has been more consistent with the Trump Administration, which is his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

It’s worth noting that the Trans Pacific Partnership is a deal that the Trump and Democrats have been working on for years.

The TPP has a number of elements that many Republicans have supported, including an end to tariffs and the elimination of trade barriers between the US and countries like China.

It has also been a favorite of former presidential candidate Ben Carson, who is also running for the GOP nomination. 

In fact, Trump’s campaign has been working hard to secure support from members of Congress to pass the TPP, and Paul is the top Democrat on the House Trade Committee.

Rand Paul has not been shy about criticizing Trump’s foreign policies, and has also taken some shots at him during the 2016 election.

He called the former president’s recent statements about Syria a “disgraceful attempt to hide from the truth about the Syrian tragedy.”

Paul’s foreign-policy views have also been shaped by his family’s history in Washington, DC.

His grandfather, James Rand, served in the U.S. Senate for 24 years, and also played a role in President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Rand was born in Kentucky and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky.

His mother, a former Miss Kentucky USA, had a number, including being named Miss Kentucky in 1961.

Rand spent a lot time with his mother as a child, and when he was about eight, his father gave him a house and a car to travel to school.

Rand later attended Princeton University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1962.

He then went to work for Senator Ted Cruz, the first