The best things about the Internet: The best people you don’t know

The best things about the Internet: The best people you don’t know

By Alex Blumberg and Ryan McMaken / October 20, 2017 11:01am PDT A story from the past week is making headlines.

A video, shared on Facebook and uploaded to YouTube by an amateur videographer named Alex Bluhmberg, shows a woman holding a bag of groceries on a table in front of her, in front in the frame of her laptop, while two men in suits are eating at a booth.

They look like people you might expect to see in a restaurant.

A camera shows the woman holding the bag of food, and the man next to her looks up.

A moment later, a man in a suit walks up and takes the bag away from the woman, saying he doesn’t want any of it.

A third man appears, holding a large bag of chips and a bottle of wine.

He asks, “Where do you want the chips?”

The woman responds, “In the middle of the room.”

The woman continues, “They look like they’ve been sitting on the table for hours, but you know, I’m not going to be able to eat them.

I’m really sorry.”

The third man walks away.

The woman is not smiling.

“They’re not smiling,” she says, looking around.

The man walks off.

The third woman says, “It’s a misunderstanding.

They were talking about something.”

The other two men follow, saying, “No, no, I mean, no.

You know, it’s a very small misunderstanding.”

A video of this scene, taken by Bluhrberg, has been shared over 3,000 times.

A spokesperson for YouTube, which owns the video, told BuzzFeed News, “There are several cases of misunderstanding and misunderstanding of the law in the video.”

But the company said that the woman did not appear to be “unwilling” to leave the food.

A spokesman for the US Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for food safety, told The Verge, “The USDA is aware of the incident.

The USDA does not support, condone, or encourage theft of any kind.”

The video is being shared widely because it is a small part of a larger controversy about the way food is handled online, and it’s not clear whether it has a lasting effect on the quality of food online.

But Bluhnberg said he believes the incident “has the potential to create a real problem,” because “people are thinking that it’s OK to steal, that it doesn’t matter.”

And the video raises a broader issue about the internet: That people are not being honest with each other about what they’re eating.

The video, which was shared more than 3,700 times, shows the moment the woman asks, and gets a response, that the food has been sitting for hours.

The answer is that the chips have been sitting there for hours—but it’s also clear that the man who asks for them has no idea.

A screenshot from Bluhmbreberg’s Facebook video, showing the woman who asked for the food to leave.

The image is from a video of the same event posted on YouTube on September 28, 2017.

The person behind the camera is a professional videographer, and Bluhmlberg says he’s been trying to get a look at her for a year.

“I’ve been telling people this story for years,” Bluhberg said.

“She has been telling me this story, but she has no experience with food.”

The Food Safety Institute, an industry group that advocates for food-safety laws, called on the US government to investigate the incident, saying it “is a clear violation of consumer protections” and “should be investigated by the FTC and the DOJ.”

Bluhmeberg said the situation highlights the importance of social media, which he says has been instrumental in the emergence of a “food revolution” in which people “receive information and opinions in a much more open and transparent manner than in any other way.”

He’s been using the platform to share his experiences as a food technologist, with a focus on social media and video sharing, and also in other ways.

He started sharing food videos on YouTube in 2012 and has shared more on Facebook since then, as well as on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

“It has helped me to connect with the people who really care about the food,” Blummbregg said.

Bluhmgers story has also been shared widely by food-related websites and media outlets, such as Eater and Food Network, in the hopes that it will help inspire others.

In addition to being a food blogger, Bluhs said he’s also been featured on Food Network’s “The Real Thing” series, and he’s seen himself become more familiar with the food industry in the last few years.

Blummgers video was shared over 2.2 million times as of October 22, but it wasn’t the first time he