Why is the test so controversial? | The Daily Beast

Why is the test so controversial? | The Daily Beast

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he plans to sign a bill repealing the controversial “Imitation of Intelligence Act,” saying it will help the United States fight the Islamic State group.

The White House said in a statement that Trump is signing the measure as the Senate returns to work on its own version of the health care legislation.

Trump, who spoke at a White House ceremony on Tuesday, said the bill would help fight the threat posed by Islamic State terrorists who target the United State and have targeted American and European interests.

“We are working on a bill to help keep us safe and keep our allies safe,” Trump said.

“This is one of those great things where, if you look at our country, it’s not so good.”

Trump’s signing comes as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to craft a bill that includes provisions that would protect Americans from the Islamic States.

The House version of health care bill, which would not be enacted, would protect people with intellectual disabilities and would provide financial assistance for people with serious medical conditions.

Trump has called for repealing the “Imelda Marcos” law, a measure that he said was a disgrace to the country.