Why you should read ‘The Devil’s Advocate’

Why you should read ‘The Devil’s Advocate’

The Devil’s advocate, the man who believes the best of us all is not in fact so bad, is not the only one who believes it.

Here’s the real reason you should.

A man by the name of Mark Hamill, aka Mark Ham, was diagnosed with ALS a year ago.

Mark Hamill’s life was changed forever when his beloved dog, Doggy, died.

The dog was just 17 weeks old when Hamill died at the age of 29, and Hamill never regained consciousness.

Hamill spent his final months of life in a coma in his home in Los Angeles.

“Mark was a kind, sweet soul, but he also had the most incredible ability to think like an optimist,” said his mother, Diane Hamill.

Diane Hamill said her son was diagnosed at the peak of the global financial crisis and had a lifelong battle with depression.

She said she was told that Mark was not an optimiser.

“He was a big optimist.

He had the ability to see the best in things,” she said.

While Mark did not live to see his dream of becoming a movie star come true, he did live to have his last words of wisdom read to him.

The Devil, which is the name given to the angel Gabriel in the Book of Revelation, says Hamill would not be a good person to become.

It also said that Hamill could not be trusted with money or power.

“Mark did not have a real family, he was the product of a failed marriage, he could not make money, he couldn’t be trusted to be trusted,” Diane Hamil said.

“And if he could be trusted, he would be an angel, because that’s what he was.”

Dryden Hamill was devastated when her son passed away.

“I couldn’t do anything,” Dryden said. “I couldn´t do anything for him, and that was the hardest thing for me.”

It’s so sad, and it really hurts me, and I can’t really explain what it’s like.

“After Mark passed away, his friends and family found the strength to start a foundation called the Mark Hamiltons Foundation to raise money for research into ALS.

Its mission is to find cures for the disease.

Fundraising is an ongoing struggle for Dryden Hamiltowns foundation, and the Hamiltones have had to make do with the support of the public.

This week, the foundation is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hamill´s diagnosis with a special tribute to the late actor.

For a limited time, a special “Mark Hamil Day” t-shirt is available for $40.

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