What it is to be a Christian in the modern world

What it is to be a Christian in the modern world

There is an ever-present sense that the Church has been reduced to the role of the guardian of a lost cause.

But in the words of St John Paul II, “The Church, in its quest for truth, truth for truth and truth for peace, is a human being, and its human dignity is the highest of values.”

This is the vision of the Church in the new millennium, one that, like the Gospel of John, has been a work in progress for over two millennia.

The vision is not just the work of a single theologian or writer; it is the work that is being done across the world today.

In the first few decades of the 21st century, many of these scholars, theologians and pastors came together to build a coherent, inclusive and ecumenical vision of evangelism.

This vision has been enriched by a multiplicity of voices and visions of evangelization that are not simply about the evangelization of a particular ethnic or religious group, but also a broader picture of evangelising the world.

The Church’s work, however, cannot be reduced to a single vision.

This diversity of visions is what makes the Church a unique, multifaceted and multi-religious community.

The work of the evangelising Church in today’s world is also unique and multifaceting.

For the Church to be the truly great Church, it must be truly united.